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Dominic was frustrated looking for the right treats for his dogs. One after another, none gave him satisfaction. He would come across poor quality imported products that were not produced to standards and were mislabelled, which often made his dogs ill. So much time and effort was consumed and all he wanted was to give his pups, his family, the love and treats that they deserved.

One afternoon, while walking his dog, an exciting yet scary thought came to his mind. “Why don’t I produce the treats for my dog? In fact, I can do it for other dogs too. I’m a trained chef, I’ve the knowledge and decades of years of experience in the food industry! I can do this!” He went out there and found a group of people who shared the same passion to make this dream happen. Little did he know the countless setbacks that were coming to his way or that he would turn into one of the largest producers in the country! But at the time, the one thing he was holding on to most was the unwavering desire to add value to any dogs’ life he could through great quality treats.

In 2011, Pet Treats Wholesale Ltd. came into existence. It has had the honour to satisfy thousands of dogs all over the world as well as their owners, build their trust and maintain relationships over the past decade. This is the pride and joy of the entire Pet Treats Wholesale team. He is humbled and thrilled to continue this journey with a goal in mind which is to put your dogs first.

Our Aim

"Nothing less than to produce Natural Treats with only British & EU approved products and gourmet sausages made with only the finest quality British meats that are not only wholesome goodness but also supporting the British farmers and meat industry."

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