Making the most of the Spring Bank Holiday with your furry friends

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The Spring Bank Holiday is always an exciting time in the UK. It offers an ideal opportunity for a little rest from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. With the promise of warmer, sunny weather and lighter evenings, it's the perfect time to spend some quality time with your dog. Whether you have a calm companion or a playful pup, there are a variety of activities that you can enjoy together. We have compiled a list of things to make the most of the May Bank Holiday with your pooch. 


  • Sun, Sea & Sand 
  • If your dog loves the water, a trip to the beach can be the ultimate Bank Holiday experience. Many UK beaches are dog-friendly, especially outside of peak summer months and school holidays. Some great options include; Rhossili Bay in Wales, Huttoft Beach in Lincolnshire, Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland and finally Holkham Beach in Norfolk. Why not take a picnic, bring some dog toys and enjoy a day of sun, sea & sand. Be sure to check the guidelines before you set off, some restrictions may apply. 

  • Dog Friendly Events 
  • The bank holiday usually coincides with lots of fun dog shows, outdoor concerts or food festivals. These events are a fabulous way for you and your friends to socialise with other pets and their parents. Check your local listings for dog-friendly events in your area. 

  • Garden Fun and Barbeques
  • If you prefer to be closer to home, why not set up a little playground for your dog? You could create a fun scavenger hunt with treats hidden or even set up some agility equipment in the garden. Invite your friends and their dogs to join in the fun. Whilst the dogs enjoy their activities, the pet-parents can enjoy a barbecue in the sunshine. Just remember to keep any harmful foods away from your dog and ensure plenty of fresh water and shade is available. 

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  • Training and Bonding 
  • With an extra day off, this provides the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your pup. Whether teaching them new tricks or practising obedience is for you, this quality bonding time can be both enjoyable and beneficial. Positive reinforcement training can help strengthen your bond and keep your dog mentally stimulated. 

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  • Accommodation for a Little Staycation 
  • If a little break away to make the most of the entire weekend is your style, then perhaps consider booking a stay at a dog friendly hotel or holiday cottage. As more and more hotels start to become dog-friendly, offering amenities such as dog beds, bowls and even special doggy welcome packs. Places like the Cotswolds, Scottish Highlands, or even something closer to home with the Peak District offer stunning scenery and a variety of dog friendly activities all whilst soaking in the British Springtime. 


    And finally, our takeaway 3 tips are: 

    1. Pack the essentials: Bring everything your dog might need; water, food, treats, poop bags, and lastly a first aid kit.
    2. Stay safe: Keep up to date with your dog’s vaccinations, flea, tick and worm treatments, especially if you’ll be outdoors mixing with lots of dogs and wildlife. 
    3. Be considerate: Always clean up after your dog and respect local rules and regulations. It's always good to remember that everyone is wanting to enjoy their bank holiday as much as you and your pooch.

    Happy Bank Holiday, all! 

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