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Yak Bars "Yakers" - Medium & Large (1pc & 10pcs)

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Our Yak Bars, also known as Yakers, were originally made for human consumption and are still widely eaten by people and their dogs who live in the Himalayan region.

They make for a high protein, high calcium and long-lasting treat, with a unique taste and smell. Dogs find this natural chew irresistible and are sure to enjoy the hours of entertainment it provides!

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help_outline Feeding Instructions

Feed supervised on a stain resistant surface as part of a balanced diet. If small pieces break off, remove them from your pet to prevent risk of choking - however when microwaved for up to 1 minute, these small pieces puff up into a marshmallow type treat. Allow to cool and you can feed them to your dog! Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.

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Medium - 65g

Large - 135g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Robert Banks
Yak Bars

Our Hattie loves these, now we have progressed to the larger bar which keeps her occupied for agrs

Excellent value

My dogs prefer these over the proprietary brand as they are slightly less hard. Still last ages but provoke more interest as they can get their teeth into them!

Julie McCarthy
Gone in 30 mins

These are marketed as a long lasting chew but my young Labrador finished it within 30 mins. Won’t buy again.

carol Jackson
Yak bars

Good value for money, my dogs love them

So popular I can't keep up!

My girls love them - we've got through 10 in less than a week! I'm going to have to ration them!