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Jumbo Paddy Wack "Paddy Whack" - 1kg

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Our Jumbo Paddy Wack or Paddy Whack delivers a crunchy chewing experience dogs absolutely love! Highly digestible whilst helping to promote healthy teeth and gums.

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One piece per day. Feed supervised as part of a complete, balanced diet and ensure clean, fresh water is always available.

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8pcs/1kg bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karen Cole
Excellent size

Our Spaniel likes us to hold the paddy whack for him to chew, the size can be broken down, for him to hold in his paws, but we prefer our fingers well away from his teeth!

Jumbo Paddy Wack

Bought this size as the standard Paddy Wack was out of stock. Breaking it into smaller pieces for my Golden Retriever who loves it.

Jackie Morris
Paddy wack

First time I have ordered this for the dogs in the Essex kennels that are in the care of German Shepherd Rescue Elite so they can have something nice

Two GSD’s favourite

Bought many chews from here but these are far their favourite.
One can chew them in under ten mins, the other closer to 20.
They don’t have a bad smell like the cow hooves and they don’t get bored like with bones. I will be buying again!

Mihaela Vamanu

Jumbo Paddy Wack "Paddy Whack" - 1kg