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Gourmet Pate - 400g each (7 flavours - 1pc & 10pcs)

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Keith Baskill
Frank's Favourite

Tried Frank, Sprocker Spaniel on the turkey pate as he can be an indifferent eater.
Not any more, if his pate and kibble mix isn't in his bowl by 5pm he lets me know.
A great advert in itself...he loves it.

cheryl Blain
Recipe change venison pate

What a shame that you
have changes the ingredients in the venison pate. You have added chickpeas. My dogs dont enjoy it now.also one of my dogs had food intolerances and pea are on the list a
nd with chickpeas being the same family not sure if a small quantity will affect her.
Venison and lamb are the only meats she is allowed so now you have changed the recipe I will have to find an alternative supply for this.

Gordon Fleming

Gourmet Pate - 400g each (7 flavours - 1pc & 10pcs)

steve vincent
Great food for your best friend

Great food at a great price!😀

Amanda Duffy
Dogs love the gourmet pate

I always buy the pate from Natural Treats.
Unfortunately, this time one of the pates was dried up and the dogs were poorly with runny diarrhoea.
I had to throw my rug away.