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British Beef Knuckle Bones - 1pc

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Customer Reviews

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Happy Great Dane means happy me

George Carey
No bones left

Good bones , there is a good bit of meat about them , and they are quite big , I only have two bones left , once my wee collie munches them I will be back for more, thank you.

Jane Barker
Good bones but not raw!

I am ordered for my cocker spaniel but they were way too big ! Is hard to judge online but also am worried about giving them to her now incase they splinter . Others treats good but not bones .

Sarah Evans
Poor batch but very good customer care

The latest knuckle bones i received were absolutely awful. Very small, over-dried, flaking, some had fallen apart into several small pieces and the net they were in was full of small pieces of sawn bone and heaps of dusty crumbs (and I mean heaps!). I wrote to complain and said shan’t be buying these again.

Edit: I spoke to the team on the phone about my dissatisfaction and they were brilliant, resolved the situation immediately and without quibble. I will probably be buying again and hope the quality is back to usual.

Ian Ham
Beef knuckle bones

My Great Dane enjoys nothing better than a tasty Beef knuckle bone helps to clean his teeth while he crunches away great value for money getting be my dog one a week every week