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Beef Abomasum (1kg & 5kg bags)

Beef Abomasum (1kg & 5kg bags)

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100% natural, our Beef Abomasum is lower in fat and highly suitable for dogs that need to pay attention to their waistlines. It makes for a highly palatable treat, especially for reluctant or poorly dogs! High protein and easy to digest, it offers a complete amino acid profile, making it a healthy addition to any dog's diet. It is particularly rich in Selenium, a powerful antioxidant compound, which may help to boost the immune system.


Features and Benefits:

Feeding Instructions:

Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure there is a bowl of clean fresh water available when feeding.


Product Count

1kg approx. 56pcs

100% Beef
Protein 75%, Fat 1.5%, Moisture 10%, Ash 9.5%

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lynne Welch
Great Product!

The dogs love these - great for chopping up and using for training treats, although you need a disposable bag to put them in as the smell is outrageous! :0)

Great value - great quality - thank you!

Ian Hatton
Can't get enough

Tried my fussy dogs on these and they were really well appreciated, even came looking for more after they'd finished.
Can't recommend them enough.

Michelle Lees
My dogs absolutely love this stinky stuff - it’s the dog version of catnip!

Brilliant - love treating my dogs - this is low fat so I can give them treats without worrying about their weight too much.

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