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Venison (Deer) Strips Pure Wild Scottish Meat (500g & 1kg bags)

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Our Venison or Deer Strips are a healthy, gourmet chew fit for all dogs. Made from 100% British venison with no other added ingredients, gently air dried to produce a high protein, low fat treat your pet is sure to love!

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Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Ensure fresh, clean water is always available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Susan Fleming
Good quality, could be bigger

I have a Labrador who has allergies, so venison and fish are his only proteins. I am so glad to find British products using every last bit of the animal. Could do with bigger pieces, maybe a bit chewier, like ears perhaps.

mrs Trish Morley
Venison Strips

Proper product, my dog loves them, good for his teeth and gums, he is 14y o.

Celia Gunn
Ace chews!

My 4 salukis enjoy a Natural Treats venison chew most days, although one of them can take or leave it. Not the latest batch, however! Darker and a bit more greasy, they are irresistible even to Picky Boy! Highly recommend, especially as a calming chew.

K Paton
venison strips

We use these as a bedtime chew for dog that previously suffered from 'hunger pukes'. The bedtime venison chew strip keeps his stomach busy until breakfast.

Unfortunately they crack into sharp pieces. Not chewy.

You never know when you try a new product if it will be the type that cracks into sharp pieces or is chewy. I hoped it would be chewy and slightly bendy (as I think these types are safer and better for dental health) but is was hard and snapped into sharp small pieces when my dog chewed them. Might work for some dogs. I wish there was a way to find out what the chew will be like. A better description from the website would really help customers choose the right chew for their dog e.g is it crunchy or chewy x