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Tripe - British (500g & 1kg bags)

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Our Tripe is made from unbleached beef tripe - the stomach lining of a cow. It makes for a highly palatable, high protein and low fat treat. It's easy to digest and offers a complete amino acid profile, making it a healthy addition to any dogs diet. It is particularly rich in Selenium, a powerful antioxidant compound - which may help to boost the immune system.

This tripe is cooked and dried by us.

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Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure there is a bowl of clean fresh water available when feeding.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Bruce Hird

Would prefer trip to be harder to make my dogs Chew for it more but the still love it

Sandra Griffiths
Dogs love them

Dogs really like them, but they can be a little too fatty so I am careful which dog gets which, also could do with offering smaller sized ones for little dogs, I have to break some in half for the little one. But good overall quality

Jackie Morris
Tripe bag

Very smelly but I am sure the dogs in the Essex kennels that are in the care of German Shepherd Rescue Elite won't worry about that .
Good price and quality, fast delivery 👌

Jean Jones

Not so long lasting, but loved by pooch.

John Jacklin

iI's tripe,, it's in a bag the dog loves it and it was delivered in a timely fashion.
Not much else to say really