Health Benefits of Pate

(Written by Georgia Hatton)


Our pate has been flying off the shelves since launch day - causing tails to wag up and down the country. As well as being delicious, it’s made from 100% meat - and so is super healthy!


Here are our top 3 health benefits of pate:

1. Good for allergies


(common food allergens)


The first health benefit of pate is that it is really good for dogs with allergies - it contains nothing but meat from a single protein source! They are made in our factory in the UK, so you can be sure that the ingredients are of the highest quality.

This makes it very good for dogs with allergies to specific meat proteins as you can be sure it contains just one! At the time of writing we offer chicken, salmon and duck varieties - with a venison flavour currently in development!

We are always looking to expand the range of proteins we can offer, to make it suitable for an even bigger variety of dogs, no matter what their specific dietary requirements.

2. Just meat, no fillers



The second health benefit of pate is that it contains 100% meat, with no grain and no fillers, such as wheat, maize, pea protein or potato starch. Many dogs are intolerant to gluten in grains, and as more owners move towards raw and natural foods, there is a drive away from using other fillers. As mostly carnivorous animals, dogs are adapted to get their nutrients from meat. Everything you feed your dog nourishes them - so it makes sense to choose the best quality, highest meat products - even at treat time!


3. Soft and moist



The final health benefit of pate is it is perfect for dogs with dental problems. Even with the best dental care, many dogs will lose teeth through the course of their lifetime - whether as a result of trauma or simple breed disposition. For the owners of these dogs, it can be a challenge to find soft, easy to chew treats. Many commercially available treats are simply too hard to chew - often resulting in crumbs all over the carpet! Our pate is cooked inside their rolls, so retain all of the moisture locked with the meat! This keeps them soft, perfect for dogs of all sizes with dental problems. 


The salmon variety contains an extra bonus - it is a great source of omega 3!




Omega-3 is a group of essential fatty acids, widely renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. These have been shown to improve gut health, improve symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and reduce risk factors for brain ageing in elderly dogs. The most practical way to provide these is to feed products containing a source of oily fish. Our salmon pate is 100% fish - so is a great source of this essential nutrient!

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