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Hairy Wild Boar Legs (5pcs & 10pcs nets)

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Our quality cut Hairy Wild Boar Legs are a long lasting treat, made with no artificial chemicals or preservatives. The high cartilage content will strengthen jaw muscles and help with teeth cleaning, while being a rich source of cooling protein and essential minerals to support good health condition. These scrumptious treats are ideal for dogs with allergies, sensitivities, inflammation or parasites in the body.

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help_outline Feeding Instructions

Feed supervised on a stain-resistant surface as part of a balanced diet. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.

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850g - 950g/5pcs

1.7kg - 1.9kg/10pcs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sharon Bateman

Great value for money and the dogs love them would buy again

susanna bolton
terrific trotters

I bought these for my two bigger dogs but even the tiny one loved them. Nothing left but the tip of the toe. Will buy more.