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Gourmet Pure Sticks - 100% Meat (All Flavours - 1kg)

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Our Gourmet 100% Pure Sticks are not only delicious but they’re healthy too! Containing JUST meat, they are the perfect addition to our range of sticks for those dogs with an allergy to chicken or grain!

Give your dog the ultimate treat that offers a great source of protein as well as being responsibly sourced and delicious. Simply nothing but the best!

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help_outline Feeding Instructions

Feed supervised and ensure clean, fresh water is always available. 

science Product Analysis

Product Name Composition Analytical Constituent
100% Beef Sticks 100% Beef Crude protein 65.8%, Crude oils and fats 15.2%, Crude ash 3%, Moisture 16%
100% Duck Sticks 100% Duck Crude protein 30.8%, Crude oils and fats 31.7%, Crude fibre 11.8%, Crude ash 8.9%, Moisture 16.8%
100% Haddock Sticks 100% Haddock Crude protein 43.8%, Crude oils and fats 22.6%, Crude fibre 7.6%, Crude ash 11.4%, Moisture 14.6%
100% Pheasant and Partridge Sticks 100% Mixed Game (Pheasant and Partridge) Crude protein 45.6%, Crude oils and fats 12.1%, Crude fibre 12.7%, Crude ash 9.7%, Moisture 19.9%
100% Rabbit Sticks 100% Rabbit Crude protein 63.2%, Crude oils and fats 10.8%, Crude ash 2.0%, Crude fibre 8%, Moisture 16.0%
100% Salmon Sticks 100% Salmon Crude protein 41.9%, Crude oils and fats 24.5%, Crude fibre 7.6%, Crude ash 11.4%, Moisture 14.6%
100% Turkey Sticks 100% Turkey Crude protein 64.5%, Crude oils and fats 11.5%, Crude fibre 5.7%, Crude ash 3.3%, Moisture 15%
100% Venison Sticks 100% Venison Crude protein 74%, Crude oils and fats 3%, Crude ash 2%, Crude fibre 6%, Moisture 15%
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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Gourmet sticks

Great value cut them up into training treat size. Good to know there are no nasties just pure meat. Doggo certainly has no complaints (well only that he doesn’t get enough)!!

Matthew Halls
Used to be better quality

These are not what they used to be like. The duck is now very dark and smelling like treacle! They have given my dog loose stools. If it’s 100% pure meat then not sure how they’d change the recipe but definitely not as good as they once were. Such a shame. Won’t be buying again

Claire Hack
Wish these came in slices

My dogs find these addictive but I wish they came in slices like the other sticks do - cutting them up isn't the easiest task!

Claire Hack

It's incredibly hard to find something that my terrier isn't allergic to and that is low enough in fat for my poodle. The Venison sticks tick all the boxes and they are all completely addicted to them!

Sarah Cox
Bring back smaller packs

Sausages devoured by pup after being sliced for training treats but bit smaller in width than last purchase so couldn’t halve them and more crumbly too. Liked previous sized packs and flavours - could only justify 2 types this time so she’s getting a bit bored. Will buy again if only packs available though!