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Bulk Buy Moist Chicken (30 packets)

Bulk Buy Moist Chicken (30 packets)

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Give your pal a treat that’s true to his meat-loving instincts with our Moist Chicken Sausages. This isn't just a mouth-watering tasty meal for your dog, it’s been carefully developed to be in tune with their natural feeding and digestion processes. It’s both tempting and naturally healthy! They have a good impact on dog's intestinal peristalsis. 


  • Gluten-free and grain-free
  • No artificial preservatives or colourings


  • A mouth-watering tasty meal
  • Provides protein and essential amino acids
  • Great for dog's intestinal peristalsis

Feeding Instructions:

Feed as a treat as part of a nutritionally balanced diet. Check that your dog has plenty of clean, fresh water available - just in case they get really thirsty. This treat should be given under supervision, on a non stainable surface.

Composition: chicken 70%, beef meal, minerals, flavouring

Additives: permitted preservative

Analytical Constituents: Protein 19.8%, Oil 19%, Fibre 0.9%, Ash 5.9%, Moisture 25.2%