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Fur Box "The Deworminator"

Fur Box "The Deworminator"

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A selection of 6 different types of our natural treats with hair/fur carefully put together for your dog's digestive system. 

Fur provides an excellent source of fibre for your dog's diet and can help flush out any nasties in your dog's digestive system (such as parasite eggs). It is believed that the fur brushes through the intestines and dislodges worms and eggs in the digestive system. 

Lots of customers also use the ears with fur to aid in settling tums with acid reflux.

  1. Large Hairy Cow Ears - 2pc
  2. Medium Hairy Cow Ears - 2pcs
  3. Hairy Rabbit Ears - 6pcs
  4. Whole Rabbit Skins with Fur - 3pcs 
  5. Hairy Venison Tails - 1pc
  6. Hairy Lamb Legs - 2pcs

A real treat for your dog and excellent value for you!


  • 100% natural
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No artificial additives
  • With fur for intestinal cleansing
  • Suitable for big dogs and small dogs 


  • Aid in cleaning teeth and intestines
  • Act as natural protection against worms by brushing away worms and eggs in the digestive system
  • Help to clear away food residue which can build up over time